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Lifan Motorcycles

Lifan Group or Lifan Industry was founded in 1992 by Yin Mingshan. At the beginning, it was a small motorcycle repair shop at Chongqing, China, with nine employees. Nowadays, Lifan Industry is the fifth largest Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, and it took it only seventeen years. Along the way, several competing companies have been acquired, broadening the product portfolio with automobiles and trucks. However, the company still maintaining its initial expertise – developing and producing Lifan motorcycles.

Lifan is an emerging brand, although it is spread out across 105 countries, it is still unknown by most of the potential audience. This is one reason for its products low cost (as you don’t pay extra just for the brand), the other reason is off-course, the low mass production costs at China. However, Lifan motorcycles are well-known for their high quality, meeting the international standards for all engineering aspects.

There is a wide selection of Lifan motorcycles types, about 260 different models are produced for different countries. In the US, more than 60 models are available, including dirt bikes, ATV, scooters, CUBs and cruisers. Each category is further discussed in the following paragraphs.

Motorcycle category includes 27 models, which are all designed for comfortable paved road riding and also allow minimal dirt road traveling. Engine displacement varies from 90cc up to 250cc, while most of the models have 125-150cc displacement engines. All models in this category have vertical or horizontal single cylinder, air-cooled, four stroke engines, except for the 250cc model which has a V-double cylinder engine. All motorcycles are equipped with a fuel tank of up to 12 litters.

The dirt bike category consists of 9 models with 110-250cc engine displacement. All of them equipped with a vertical or horizontal single cylinder, air-cooled, four stroke engine and suitable tires for off-road riding. The dirt bikes were designed with a significant height of seat of up to 830mm along with front shock absorbers, to assure minimum bumps and smooth ride.

In the scooters category, eight 50cc displacement engine models can be found and additional one 125cc and one 250cc models. The scooters are well fitted for domestic use, with a step-through frame and an automatic gear; these were made for personal and frequent use.

The CUB category includes 9 models, all equipped with 110cc displacement engine, except for one model with 50cc engine. The CUBs have underbone design and 4 gears, auto-clutched transmission. Those are comfortable motorcycles for personal use and offer additional luggage space under the seat. By the way, the CUB category name is taken from the famous Honda super CUB model.

Cruisers are in general motorcycles that have a design style of old American machines, such as Harley-Davidson. The cruisers allow upright or even leaning back sitting position with legs forward and hands up. Lifan motorcycles cruisers category is offering eight different models with 125, 150, 250 and 400cc displacement engines. All of them have 5 gears, hand-clutched transmission and an electric start.

The last category is ATV (all-terrain vehicle), currently with only one available model – the LF400ST. This four-wheeler can carry one person at almost any terrain conditions, using its 400cc displacement engine. It is also equipped with 15 litter fuel tank, electric start and steel made wheels.

As you can see, Lifan motorcycles are diverse and surely can meet the requirements of most bikers. Although it is not well-spread across the US, this brand will surely be the new rising star.